WellFit (EN)

You don't have time for training. You take it.

From Ashtanga Yoga via Chi Gong, Juggling and mAssage to Zumba - our WellFit departments offers a lot!


All those who want to get body and mind going will find Wellfit a complement to the other sports activities - and that ALSO within TI FREISING.


English Yoga with Anja Vogelmann

So far there has only been a German class for yoga, we would like to offer a new class for English-speaking people. First, let's do a trial course on Nov 10th 9:45 - 11 am, so that we can find out whether there is enough interest to form a group for weekly classes. What will the classes be like? The yoga classes will help beginners to find a healthy way of practicing. It will help regular practitioners to practice with grace, strength, and understanding. We will establish a routine, which will help you harmonize thoughts, feelings, and movements. I will guide the group and help you individually. A sequenz of moves to connect with a topic each class to start, a series of positions in the middle, breathwork and meditation lead to an relaxing end.

Yoga helps: 

  • gain better posture 
  • find fascial alignment
  • improve body-awareness 
  • recharge your "batteries"
  • boost your motivation
  • prevent exhaustion
  • establish healthy routines 
  • reduce stress symptoms
  • increase resilience

Happy to answer your questions if you aren't sure whether you'll benefit from this type of yoga & happy to meet you, Anja.

MAIL: an-ja-yoga@web.de

WEB: anmutig-leben.de




Free your mind, train your brain und body while juggling!

The course takes place Tuesdays between 5pm and 6pm as costs 13€ for TeXins members and: 16€ per hour for non TeXins members. Single or reoccurring sessions bookable.

This course is also suitable for team building events or workshops. Want to find out more? Reach out to Sophia or Anastasia directly!

Juggling is a question of skill and talent for acrobatics? No, juggling is so much more than that!

For decades, time and again, it has been scientifically proven that juggling strengthens the brain and the psyche tremendously, and that at any age.

You have two left hands or you want to improve your concentration, coordination and reflexes, expand your peripheral vision, strengthen your muscles, increase your self-confidence, strengthen your brain cells and their connections?

With specific throwing and catching exercises with one and two balls you can achieve all this and much more in no time. Juggling with three balls will eventually be learned and practiced.

Be surprised by the many health-promoting physical and mental effects of juggling and have fun!

Under the guidance of certified juggling trainer Anastasia Vanpoperynghe, a sense of achievement and pleasure are guaranteed.

Target group:

This course is designed for beginners, i.e. people who...

... have never juggled before

... have tried it in vain

... want to improve their throwing/catching technique

... want to try something new

... want to keep their body and mind fit!


No previous experience required.


Juggling balls are provided free of charge for the duration of the course. If you already own juggling balls, you are of course welcome to bring them along. Flat shoes (or barefoot) and comfortable clothes.

Under the guidance of certified juggling trainer Anastasia Vanpoperynghe, a sense of achievement and pleasure are guaranteed.






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